Mamata and the People!

After losing two lives in the stampede at New Delhi Railway station, Mamata Banerjee was quick to find out the root cause. She attributed the problem to the people; not her people who was in charge of the station but the people who were the passengers. Can you blame her for complaining about her customers? Haven’t we all done this in our past? The customer being the king can also be difficult!

But why is stampede not happening in any other cities? Are people more disciplined in the other cities? Even though there is a dash of regionalism in the previous statement, I can’t help in thinking so!

Even before Mamata’s statement sunk in, the people turned out to be a secondary cause. The root cause was the “condition” near Foot Over Bridge by unfortunate tripping. There was no stampede!

Be it stampede or tripping, this was caused by hurry on the part of the people. The officials had changed the platform of departure at short notice and the people were in a hurry to catch their train. When the trains stick to their departure time, there is a need to hurry. Mamata can be proud of making trains stick to their departure time! We will conveniently overlook the arrival time!

The people need to learn on how to react under stressful conditions!

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  1. Visit Delhi station once, you will realise the mad house it is

  2. Doesn't the 'condition' of the Foot Over Bridge come under the purview of the Railways? And to think 'Didi' can just push the blame onto someone else?

  3. Having lived almost all my life in Delhi and going to Patna on quite a few occasions by train I can claim to know a bit about the situation. The Bihar bound trains defy all description. The passengers are normally from the poorer section of the society and there is a mad rush to board the trains. Most of the people do not reserve their ticket. Even if the platform is not changed, the people rush to grab the first available seats. I am not surprised that a stampede occurred.
    I have no respect for Mamata Bannerjee. She is dragging the Railways backwards. If she wins the Bengal elections and if she becomes a CM, then God help the state.

  4. @Chandrika - Yes, it is sad!

    @Pesto Sauce - I lived in Gurgaon for over an year. So, I'm familiar with Delhi! I loved the place and the people despite the weather! It is really happening out there!

    @Radha - It is clearly the issue with the administration! And Didi is the captain of the ship. She should not be blaming it all on the people. She just have to prepare her administration to do the job effectively even in adverse conditions.

    @Aparna - Well, if there is a pattern with Bihar-bound trains, then let railways prepare for it! Isn't that their job? I am not very familiar with Mamata achievements and non-achievements. But the statement was shameful coming from the office bearer!


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