Movie: Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge?

Puneet(Ajay Devgn) is a scriptwriter working for Taneja(Satish Kaushik) and Suleman Bhai(Akhilendra Mishra). After impressing them with a one-liner script, he promises to complete the script within a stipulated period of time. His family comprises of his wife Munmun(Konkana Sen Sharma) and his son Ayush. Munmun works as a interior decorator while his Ayush is going to school. They live a secluded urban life away from their close relatives. Their son do not know what is the meaning of Atithi and often prays to have a visitor in his house.

One day, they meet Lambodar(Paresh Rawal) in front of their apartment. Lambodar claims to be a distant chacha looking for Pappu aka Puneet. Having left with no other option, they invite Lambodar into their home and tries to do everything possible to make his stay comfortable. But Puneet and Munmun are not able to cope with their visitor who overstays his visit. The mannerisms, the direct approach and overly friendly nature of Lambodar thwarts their quiet life – both personal and professional. Soon, they strongly wish for Lambodar’s quick exit from their lives. The rest of story tells how Lambodar complicate their lives and also solve their problems indirectly.

Ashwani Dhir pens the story and also directs this comedy. The laughs are based on Lambodar’s mannerisms and lifestyle which directly conflicts with the non-interfering urban life. In spite of being predictable at many places, the movie still places a few smiles on your lips. The movie is short and hence a very brisk watch. The songs slows the narrative. To our relief, the songs also get over fast. Three music directors have been used. The religious take of “Beedi jalaile” as “Jyoti jalaile” by Vishal Bharadwaj is funny. The movies bases itself on the goodness of the human beings and how good things happens to good people.

Paresh Rawal is excellent as Lambodar. The entire story revolves around him. As Puneet, Ajay Devgn do not crack any jokes. But he has perfect comic timing as evident from the way he reacts to situations. Watch out how he slyly turns away his eyes whenever his wife gets irritated by Lambodar. As Lambodar is Puneet’s chacha, she has every right to complain and Puneet wants to extricate himself out of the situation. Konkana Sen Sharma’s Munmun gets lost behind Paresh and Ajay due to no fault of hers. The director concentrates on Lambodar and Puneet and hence relegates Munmun to the background. She is at ease as Munmun. But the audience will not notice he as the frame is mostly dominated by Lambodar and Puneet.

In the supporting cast, Satish Kaushik and Mukesh Tiwari(as the inspector) are funny. Akhilendra Mishra reprises the kind of roles he has done in the past and hence do not impress. Sanjay Mishra is wasted since he is given a role in which his comedic skills are not required.

At a running time similar to that of Hollywood movie, this does not try your patience. Go for it if you want to see a feel-good movie with occasional smiles.

Language: Hindi

Genre: Comedy

Rating: **

Picture Courtesy: Bollywood Hungama

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.

  2. I like Paresh Rawal's sense of comic timing. Seems to be a good time-pass movie. May be will catch it some evening.

  3. I enjoyed this movie as well as the review of this movie. :) I was impressed with the acting of all the leading stars.

  4. @BKC - :)

    @Aparna - Let me know after you watch it.

    @Chandrika - Thank you.

  5. I saw this one just last week, and enjoyed thoroughly!!


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