Movie: The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day

After fleeing from Boston, the Saints aka the MacManus brothers - Connor(Sean Patrick Flanery) and Murphy(Norman Reedus) - are living in Ireland with their dad Noah(Billy Connolly). Their quiet life is interrupted by a murder in Boston. The murderer has followed their assassination style. Now, the public is divided as some think Saints are behind the murder while the rest do not think so. The brothers set off to Boston to find the perpetrator. During their journey by ship, they befriend Romeo(Clifton Collins, Jr.) who become a sidekick of the Saints.

Meanwhile in Boston, Detective Dolly, Duffy and Greenly are frightened by the murder. They had earlier assisted the Saints in killing the gangster named Papa Joe and also aiding the Saints to escape. As FBI is investigating the murder, they are afraid their involvement will come to light. As they contemplate on their next move, Special Agent Eunice Bloom(Julie Benz) arrives. She reconstructs the murder scene and absolves the Saints from the murder charge. The murder was committed by an another assassin trying to emulate the Saints style.

The assassin was hired by Concezio Yakavette, Papa Joe’s son, in order to smoke out the Saints. Very soon, all three different groups – the Saints, the cops and the gangsters – collide bringing out many skeletons from the closet.

Troy Duffy writes and directs the sequel to the well liked first part.He continues to give the same treatment to this movie as the first part. He shows his heroes getting ready for the fight. Then he immediately cut to the scene where the police investigation is progressing after the fight. Here, he cuts back to the action when the lead investigator reconstructs the scene. Using the technique, the outcome is right there in front of the viewer. Yet, the viewer is eager to find out how it actually happened. The story is predictable. But the narration is interesting. The dialogues are excellent.

Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus are perfect as the Saints. Julie Benz provides a good replacement for William Dafoe in the sequel. Her Eunice is intellect oozing oomph. Peter Fonda in a very brief role is spectacular.

If you love action, blood, swearing and slow motion, this is for you! A must watch.

Language: English

Genre: Action

Rating: ***

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