Movie: Did You Hear About the Morgans?

The Morgans – Paul Micheal Morgan(Hugh Grant) and Meryl Judith Morgan(Sarah Jessica Parker) – have been leading a separated life after Paul sleeps around with a colleague on a business trip. Meryl is a highly successful real estate agent while Paul  is a lawyer and they live in Manhattan. Now, Paul is sorry for his shameful act and wants to patch up with Meryl. As a result, he pursues her and persuades her to have dinner with him.

After the dinner, they take a walk outside the restaurant immersed in talk. During the stroll outside, they witness a murder. Before the murderer could get to them, the cops arrive. Subsequently, the Morgans are put into witness protection plan. They are transported to Ray, Wyoming and placed under the custody of US Marshals – Clay Wheeler(Sam Elliott) and Emma Wheeler(Mary Steenburgen). The rest of the movie shows us how the country life has a positive effect on the relationship of the Morgans and also how they apprehend the murderer.

Marc Lawrence writes and directs this comedy. The only novel element of the movie is the casting of the lead pair. Unfortunately, the lead pair do not have terrific chemistry. They also put in an uninspired performance. The Wheelers provide us a few clich├ęd laughs.

Give this one a skip! You do not want to hear about the Morgans!

Language: English

Genre: Comedy

Rating: *

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