Movie: Paappi Appacha

paappi_wallpaper_1 Nirappel Mathai(Innocent) and Nirappel Paappi(Dileep) are a father-son duo who controls all the major businesses in their village Ithirikandam. Mathai and Paappi are share a beautiful camaraderie which goes beyond father-son relationship. As part of expanding their businesses, they invest the money in various other businesses. When they are short of cash, they burn down one of their institutions and collect money from the insurance company. Mathai’s wife, Mariya(KPAC Lalitha), hates the wayward lifestyle of the men in her house.

Paappi nurses a secret love towards Annie(Kavya Madhavan). Annie works as a teacher in the school managed by the father-son duo. During childhood, Annie and Paappi were friends. But they stopped talking to each other when a reckless act of Paappi hurt Annie. Now, the whole world knows the secret love of Paappi and his friend-cum-assistant Kuttappi(Dharmajan) helps him.

When the Panchayat elections are around the corner, Annie is persuaded to stand against Paappi by her colleague Dasan(Rajeevan). In order to bankroll the election, Dasan enlists the help of Shashankan(Asokan), a rich businessman who hates the father-son duo. As the election fever heats up, a new businessman named Maanikunju(Suresh Krishna) lands up in the village. He intends to displace the father-son duo. His first attempt fails.

When the election results are out, Paappi loses. Very soon, misunderstanding crops up between the father and the son. They separate and their enemies close in. The rest of the story focuses on this and how everything ends well.

Mamas debuts as a director with this movie based on his script. The movie is predictable as it is a rehash of several successful movies in the past. For a comedy movie, there are very few laughs! The surprising part of this movie are the various action sequences by “Stun” Siva. The action sequences are modeled on Tamil movies and are cut cleverly to hide the rope-and-pulley technique used.

Innocent and Dileep are perfect as the father-son duo. But, they are not spectacular as we have seen these actors in funnier roles. Dharmajan impresses. The rest of the cast is okay.

Opt for this one if you do not have any other choice. There are occasional laughs that will keep boredom away.

Language: Malayalam

Genre: Comedy

Rating: **

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