Movie: Rachel Getting Married

Kym(Anne Hathaway) is released from the rehabilitation center for attending her sister Rachel’s wedding. She is greeted by her dad Paul(Bill Irwin) who drives her home. Paul has divorced his first wife Abby(Debra Winger) who is the mother of Rachel and Kym. After the divorce, Paul has married Carol who lives with him now.

At the house, Rachel(Rosemarie DeWitt) and Kym are slightly embarrassed after meeting. Very soon, the past catches up with the siblings and their interactions become strained. Paul gets caught up between the two siblings. How they nearly overcome their difference and also nearly come to terms with the past tragedy forms the rest of the story.

Jonathan Demme directs this drama about a family coming to terms with loss and each other based on a script by Jenny Lumet. Five minutes into the movie, you realize Kym is a misfit and the marriage proceedings are going to be interesting. But Jonathan and Jenny is able to tell a heartwarming story of a misfit while keeping us hooked onto the seat. Jonathan has shot the movie to give it a feel of a wedding video. The camera shakes and spies on the actors.

Anne Hathaway is perfect as Kym and attempting a role which she has not done before. Her performance irks the viewer and also gets their sympathy. Check out her performance towards the end where seeks her mother’s forgiveness and acknowledgement.

Bill Irwin’s Paul is a background player who gets caught up between his daughters. He has gotten over the tragedy and wants to hold his children closer to him. He is excellent during the end of dishwasher scene and also when he breaks up after seeing his kids fight. In spite of being a background player, his performance gets noticed.

Watch it when you are in the mood for a serious performance oriented movie. This is worth watching.

Language: English

Genre: Drama

Rating: ****

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