Movie: Singam

Mayilvahanam(Prakash Raj) is an influential person in Chennai who runs extortion business. He tracks the people investing in Chennai and slowly closes in on them when they can’t pull out! He then threatens to either disrupt their investments or kidnap their loved ones.

Durai Singam(Suriya) is a sub inspector at Nallur police station. He upholds the law in the little village and is respected by everyone. He also hails from the same village. Singam always wanted to run a departmental store like his father(Radha Ravi). But his father persuades him to become a cop.

Kavya(Anushka) comes to Nallur to visit her grandparents. During her visit, she falls in love with Singam. Later, Singam also reciprocates the feelings.

The rest of the movie deals with the battle between Singam and Mayilvahanam. The latter is forced to come to Nallur by Singam. In order to take revenge, Singam is forced to work in Chennai. What happens when Singam goes to Chennai is depicted in the rest of the movie.

Hari writes and directs this action movie. The story deals with an upright cop tackling a dreaded villain. It also shows the cop being triumphant in spite of being placed in unfamiliar environment and the meteoric rise of a honest cop. But, Hari is not able to tell us an interesting story despite the interesting premise. He relies on stunts that are neither choreographed artfully nor look believable. Hari also uses green screen for many stunts and other normal sequences giving the movie a mediocre look at many places. The graphics used to depict the ferociousness of the hero induce guffaws from the audience. The songs are a major speed breaker for the movie.

Surya is excellent as Singam. Always in character, he makes us sit up and wait for confrontation whenever he walks in. He breathes fire and continues to do that the entire movie. Suriya makes this movie watchable and bearable at the same time.

Anushka has a miniscule role. Prakash Raj reprises a role which he has done many times in the past! Radha Ravi as Singham’s father is perfect. Vivek irritates with his comedy. Veterans like Vijayakumar and Nasser have nothing much to offer.

Wait for the DVD. Even on DVD, you can only sit through this if you are Suriya fan.

Language: Tamil

Genre: Action

Rating: **

Picture Courtesy: Gallata

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