Movie: Whiteout

Carrie Stetko(Kate Beckinsale) is a US Marshall in a US base located in Antarctica. She relocated to this remote station in order to get away from her past demons. Due to an imminent whiteout, the entire base is about to be shut down in the next few hours and the residents are going to be evacuated. The entire people in the base are celebrating this. Carrie and her friend Dr John Fury(Tom Skeritt) are both looking forward to the warmer temperatures.

While everyone is partying, Carrie is informed about a body being discovered in a remote area. Carrie and John fly to the reported area on a plane with the help of Delfy(Columbus Short). They find the body and fly it back to the base for examination. They find wounds on the body that was stitched in a hurry. The body is identified to be of a scientist who was part of a group searching for meteorites.

Now, Carrie attempts to solve this murder before the base is evacuated. After a nearly fatal encounter with the killer, a UN security agent Robert Pryce(Gabriel Macht) also joins Carrie. The rest of the movie shows us how Carrie solves the murder.

Dominic Sena directs this thriller. As there only a few characters, the real culprit can easily be guessed early on in the movie which is the drawback.

Kate Beckinsale has to look beautiful and act puzzled which she does perfectly. The rest of the performances has nothing to write about.

There is suspense and the pace is slow. Save this for a rainy day when you do not have anything else to do.

Language: English

Genre: Thriller

Rating: **

Tags: Movies,Kate Beckinsale,Tom Skeritt,Columbus Short,Gabriel Macht,Thriller