Movie: Rambo

John Rambo(Sylvester Stallone) lives in Thailand now. He earns his living by operating his boat to transport people and also by catching deadly snakes for selling them. He is approached by a group of missionaries headed by Michael Burnett(Paul Schultze) and Sarah Miller(Julie Benz) to transport them upriver into Burma. Rambo refuses. But Sarah convinces him to help eventually.

While transporting the missionaries into Burma, Rambo and the group has a showdown with local smugglers who control the river. Rambo kills them in order to save Sarah. Upon reaching the destination, an upset Michael sends Rambo back by terminating his services.

Back in Thailand, Rambo is again approached by a pastor. The pastor tells Rambo that Michael and Sarah are captured by Tatmadaw. A group of mercenaries have been hired by the pastor. He asks Rambo to transport them to the location where the latter had dropped Michael and Sarah. Rambo obliges. Before long, Rambo gets involved in the quest and the subsequent fight.

Sylvester Stallone directs the fourth installment in this series. Instead of concentrating on the one man’s (Rambo’s) struggle against the establishment (or the villains), Stallone focuses on the bloodshed this time. This leads to gory scenes where bloodshed and mutilation are shown over and over. The tone of the movie and the action scenes are a departure from the earlier ones in the series. The movie is also handicapped with respect to background score. Earlier movies featured brilliant score by Jerry Goldsmith. As Jerry is no more, Bryan Tyler is selected. Bryan fails in generating suspense and also pumping adrenaline with his score.

The performances are mediocre. This is expected in a movie like this where action takes precedence.

This is a disappointment for a Rambo fan! Skip this!

Language: English

Genre: Action

Rating: **

Tags: Movies,Sylvester Stallone,Action


  1. I was never a Rambo fan. I do not think this one is for me.

  2. I liked Sly only in Escape to Victory, not in his superhits series-es like Rocky or Rambo!

  3. @Aparna - Not for you!

    @Sucharita - I never liked the Rocky series. But, I'm a Rambo fan.


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