Book: Dork: The Incredible Adventures of Robin ‘Einstein’ Verghese

In this book, the author Sidin Vadukut traces an year in the life of Robin Verghese nicknamed Einstein. The timeline starts with Einstein’s campus interviews for a job as soon as he finishes his management course with a reputed college and ends with the culmination of his escapades that catapults him into the limelight. Does he get famous or infamous at the end? It will be funny and interesting for you to find it out yourself by reading this book.

The story unfolds in the forms of entries on Einstein’s diary. Einstein makes a detailed entry into his daily journal whenever time permits. So, the entire story is told in the first person narrative where Einstein narrates the events; never forgetting to add his analysis along with these events.

Sidin’s Einstein is a dork; a dull stupid fatous person. In addition to this definition, Einstein is also naive. While reading through the entries in diary, the reader goes through various emotions. At first, you smirk at Einstein’s inferences. Then you are appalled at the way he sees things. The shock turns into contempt as he never figures a way – right or wrong – out of his predicament and continues to live in his bubble! Then you give up and start slowly loving and hating him alternatingly.

If you watch Sidin’s interview with Sunil Sethi, you will find Sidin to be brimming with energy! You will find the same energy in his writing style where he packs punch after punch, giving very little time for us to digest the jokes. He keeps shocking us with the stupidity of his characters and also pokes fun at the various management consulting techniques! These techniques are so generic that anybody with a working experience can easily relate to the story at multiple places.

On the other hand, the narrative style – first person using the diary entries – become taxing at places where the reader feels a slackening of the pace resulting in restlessness. Barring this negative point, this is a nice read.

If Sidin could time his punches, this would have been a far interesting read.

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  1. aha.. sounds like a light read and I m sure can relate to my office :) btw.. did u buy this book or got it frm smwhere..also i hv been looking for a book "The insider". just thought will chk if u knw where to find it.. its not available anywhere rite nw in blore:(

  2. @Vineeta - :) You will be able to relate to the "dorks" in your office!

    The insider by Stephen Frey? You can order the book on It takes a while to ship! Or you can walk into their store and place the order at the counter. Landmark will call you as soon as the shipment reaches them.

  3. Flipkart is also great to buy books, the deliver pretty fast and there are very good deals found at times.
    I can really do with some light reading. The books I've been reading have started to weigh...

  4. @Aparna - Thanks for the suggestion! It is good to know about these option. I like to walk into Landmark to make my purchases. :)

  5. @Sidin - Thank you for dropping by! Your visit has left me speechless. It was a nice gesture from you to acknowledge my review.

    @Aparna - Wow! Wow! Wow! :)


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