…control our future instead of letting future control us…

By acting now we can control our future instead of future controlling us”. This is an excerpt from the Address of the Nation by Jimmy Carter on April 18, 1977. In this address, Jimmy Carter highlights the growing demand for energy and urges for bringing this down the annual growth rate in energy demand to 2%.

But, what happened to the grand scheme?

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  1. Unfortunately, in India, we can do neither as we are governed by as et of selfish and corrupt politicians.

  2. We are inching towards deadliest future as selfish and corrupt politicians are doing nothing for the country. They must realize that their wards too (for whom they are earning by wrong means) will also face the worst living condition in future.

  3. The grand scheme died an even grander death.

  4. @BKC - I was amazed that someone was thinking about this long back! Forget about the selfish leaders. Can our leaders think about the future? The immediate future do not count!

    @Stranger - I'm sure their wards are not going to suffer. They will be well insulated against all these!

    @Aparna - :) he he. Well said.


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