The Death of a Butterfly

Picture 073 On my return trip to Bengaluru, my niece was sleeping soundly, with the seat lowered down and her body safely held by the seatbelt. We were less than hundred kilometers away from our destination when I noticed the butterfly on the windshield.

Of late, my niece and my daughter had been conspiring. My niece wanted to capture a butterfly so that she can fly off to play with Ranbir Kapoor. My daughter has been helping her with tips on how to accomplish this task!

I stopped the car for two purposes – to take a picture of the butterfly to remember the moment and to capture the butterfly to show my niece after waking her up. After taking the picture, I realized that the butterfly was dead!

When I was pulling over the car with grand ideas in my mind, the butterfly was slowly dying.

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  1. sad abt butterfly..
    meanwhile, Thanks danke merci danyavad nanri shukran shukriya….buddy

  2. Nice headline! And enjoyed listening to the post, Ranbir Kapoor's name was a bit funny though!
    Butterflies do not live long,but what a beautiful life. And please tell you niece that there are boys better looking than Ranbir.

  3. @Ramesh - Thanks

    @Aparna - Thank you. Unfortunately, my niece will have to grow out of Ranbir on her own! No logic is going to work there! :)


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