Movie: No Man’s Land

Ciki and Cera are two Bosniak soldiers, who are part of a relief team, getting to their destination in darkenss and low visibility due to thick fog at the night time. When the sun breaks through, the Serbians shoot at the Bosnian relief team. In the aftermath, Ciki is the only one alive and he takes refuge in a trench.

The Serbians sent two of their soldiers to check the trench. In the trench, the Serbian soldiers place the dead body of Cera on a mine in order to ambush the retrieval team. Ciki fires at the Serbian soldiers and kills one of them. Nino, the wounded surviving soldier is held captive by Ciki.

When Ciki and Nino argues with each other, Cera regains consciousness. Now, the drama unfolds between Ciki and Nino where Ciki gets an upperhand at times and Nino at other times. They fight and also reconciles. The fight and reconciliation do not last and alternates over the period of time. Meanwhile, in the outside world away from the trench, the Serbian and the Bosnian forces call for UNPROFOR(UN Protection Force) to help the people inside the trench. When the UNPROFOR comes into picture, politics is not far behind; so are journalists!

Danis Tanovic directs this Academy Award winner in the Foreign Film category for 2002. The movie is as beautiful as a short story. In the movie, the events occur in less than a day. With the two protagonists who happen to be play a small and insignificant role in the turbulent struggle pertaining to the area, Danis tells an important story where hatred takes foreground while compassion withdraws to the background. Danis beautifully portrays the helplessness of the outsiders who really want to help but are unable to do so! As a result, the movie stays with the audience even after the show is over.

Simple and brilliant. Must watch!

Language: Bosnian

Genre: Drama

Rating: ****

Picture Courtesy: Yahoo! Movies

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