Movie: Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s day morning, Reed Bennett(Ashton Kutcher) proposes to his girlfriend Morley(Jessica Alba). In the happy state, he discloses this to his close friend Alphonso(George Lopez) and his employees.

Captain Kate Hazeltine(Julia Roberts) is flying to LA. She is befriended by a fellow passenger Holden Bristow(Bradley Cooper). Kate is on active duty and will be LA for only one day to meet someone special.

Julia Fitzpatrick(Jennifer Garner), an elementary school teacher, is in love with Dr Harrison Copeland(Patrick Dempsey), a divorcee. Unfortunately for Julia, Harrison will be away on a business trip to San Francisco on this day.

Edison, one of Julia’s student, orders flowers from Reed. He wanted the flowers to be delivered during the recess to his valentine. There is a girl in his class who has a crush on him.

Grace(Emma Roberts) and her boyfriend Alex(Carter Jenkins) will be soon off to college. But Emma wants the bond between them to be special. So, she decides to make love to him today.

Edgar(Hector Elizondo) and Estelle(Shirley MacLaine) have been married for long and they intend to take the vows again soon in the near future.

Willy(Taylor Lautner) and Felicia(Taylor Swift) are in high school and are hopelessly in love. While Willy is a sports star, Felicia is a cheerleader.

Sean Jackson, a professional football player, is having difficulties on both personal and professional front. The newspapers are after him. He tries to deal with it with the help of his publicist Kara(Jessica Biel) and his agent Paula(Queen Latifah). A sports reporter Kelvin Moore(Jamie Foxx) closes in for a kill.

Liz(Anne Hathaway) and Jason(Topher Grace) has been dating for the past two weeks. Jason loves Liz. But Liz always has the habit of getting mysterious phone calls between their conversation.

Garry Marshall directs this movie based on a story by Katherine Fugate. The story takes places in a day – Valentine’s day – and it tells the story of many couples spanning age groups, providing different perspectives of love. The best part of the movie is how all these characters are connected together. Given the multiple characters, it is not easy to connect them all. But, the movie does not uplift itself to become an exceptional love story at any time. But it provides an interesting watch at places.

Anne Hathaway is exceptional as Liz. It is Liz’s and Jason’s love story that make you laugh and think at the end. Julia Roberts provides warmth to the character and also the movie. The rest of the performances have nothing to talk about.

It is not a bad movie. Perfect for a quiet evening where you have nothing else to do.

Language: English

Genre: Drama

Rating: **

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  1. Now you are talking Nona!

    Would like to watch this, only for Julia Roberts. Love her.

  2. Ah! it sounds like my type movie.. light and entertaining :) I was preparing list of such light movies and would be glad if you can suggest some more :)

  3. @Ramesh - :)

    @Aparna - Go watch this! Julia Roberts has a nice but short role.

    @Vineeta - Click on the tag at the end of movie review. It will show up more reviews from which you can choose! There are a lot of reviews out here. :)


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