The Multipurpose Banyan

Mom(concerned): Are you comfortable travelling by train?

Son(mumbles): Bus or train… Okay…

Mom: Do you have train ticket with you?

Son: My friend has it. He is going to drop me at the railway station.

Mom: What about your purse?

Son: What about what about the purse?

Mom: The railway station is crowded. There are pickpockets! Be careful.

Son: Purse will be safe in my jeans.


Son(watching TV):

Mom(all of a sudden): You don’t wear a banyan!

Son: What?

Mom: You could put your purse inside the banyan! It is more safe, you know?

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  1. hee hee ... I bet that comes from Kochuvava maman & Kochappan maman ... :D

  2. Inner wear serve other purposes too :-). And to think we have Banyans being endorsed by SRK, Akshay Kumar and Hritik Roshan??

  3. A changed blog!!:-) Looks good tho..

  4. hahahahahahaha!!! Hrithik will commit suicide if he sees his ad being used like this :P :P

  5. You perhaps know that in olden days, Banyans were actually used to carry money/wallet.
    In local language they were called "bundi"

  6. My jaws are still wide open even as I write this comment. Imagine that!

  7. @Harish - :) So, you have seen/experienced this before?

    @Laks - Yes, it is from the mamans. :)

    @Radha - The best use is the protection from pickpockets.

    @JD - You have been away too long. Welcome back! This is the latest thing I did with the blog.

    @Vineeta - So, don't tell Hritik about this. :)

    @BKC - No wonder, my maternal uncles do this still. Thanks for sharing the info

    @RGB - We grew up seeing this! :) I can imagine your shock!


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