Peering outside a Volvo on the elevated highway

While travelling for the first time on the elevated highway in Bengaluru, I was on a Bolero in the afternoon under a scorching sun! While I was conversing with my friend, he was stepping on the gas. Yet, I felt like we were going slow on the deserted road. I was also completely disoriented as I could not see any building on both my sides. Because of this, I couldn’t figure out where we were at and how far we were away from our destination. My friend who daily commutes to Electronics City was glad about the elevated highway as it has reduced his commute time! I was glad too since the elevated highway reduced the congestion and gridlocks in front of my office!

Last Sunday, I zoomed on the elevated highway! This time, it was around 9:30pm and I was in an interstate Volvo. Sitting inside the Volvo, I was able to see the building on my side of the road. Since it was night, the lights in the buildings were beautiful! I tried to capture it unsuccessfully using the camera in my phone. When watching the video, you can hear Malayalam song being played in the background courtesy to the Volvo crew.

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  1. Why can't we have good roads all over India? Most of the roads in Mumbai are dug up for whatever reason and during the monsoon travelling becomes a pain.

  2. I have travelled through elevated highway to electronic city once just few days back and I was sooo elated to see this highway! Great work done.. thought was built with much pain and traffic but now.. its the savior on that road :)

    And great video.. I never saw it in night :)

  3. It will be ages before the entire country gets proper good roads. We must not forget, road building is one of the most corrupt jobs.

  4. surprisingly nona, i travelled by car with a friend fm chennai to mumbai and found nh4 link quite good..of course,as bkc says, it will be ages before the entire country gets proper good roads all across.

  5. @Aparna - I was under the impression that Mumbai had better infrastructure. Now that I get responses from Mumbaikars on my posts about roads and roadworks, I realize I was mistaken! But with the kind of population and traffic, how Mumbai manage?

    @Vineeta - The elevated highway has made the hour long gridlocks and congestion a thing of the past! Before opening, everyone was concerned about the toll. I think they have introduced toll now. But still people use it!

    While travelling on this highway, I also noticed areas built specifically for cars/bikes to pull over! There were many bikes parked there and the people were clicking snaps! A kind of picnic spot! :)

    @BKC - I guess the corruption is a major phenomenon with any construction! You can also see the major highways (arteries that link major cities) are getting a facelift and we are on the right track! As for the roads inside the cities and minor highways, god help us!

    @Ramesh - That one is a pretty nice highway on which most of the works has been completed! In 2006, I travelled from Pune to Bangalore. During that time, 40% of the road was under construction and it took us somewhere between 12-16 hours to reach! Today, it takes much less to reach Bangalore from Pune

  6. Good roads are a dream. But sometimes, good roads are a nightmare too, thanks to the guys on the road. ( could be gals too) We are so used to bad roads and traffic jams, that the minute you see a good road and maybe not many vehicles, we immediately have F1 drivers on the road. It is scary. Which is better?

  7. @Radha - What you point out is the next set of problems once the infrastructure is corrected! For that, we should have efficient policing system, camera etc. The fear of a fine will ensure discipline from our side! :)


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