Raavan v/s Raavanan – A viewer’s dilemma!

1 Was Mani Ratnam thinking about me when he cast Vikram in both the Hindi and Tamil versions of his interpretation of Ramayana? The promos have been around for the past few days and Mani’’s latest offering is set to hit the sceens on 18th June! Going by the promos, Vikram’s Veera seems to be more menacing and maniacal than Abhishek Bachchan’s Beera! Then why should I see the Hindi version?

Aishwarya Rai and Priyamani are enacting the same roles in both versions. Judging by the promos, they are emoting in the same way in both versions. The only difference will be the lip movements and the dialogues! Then why should I see the Hindi version?

Prithviraj stars in Raavanan! Emulating his dad’s style of acting whenever necessary, Prithviraj is the fastest rising star in the Malayalam industry. He might cross over to become the only superstar in Malayalam at the blink of an eye; although in this particular case, we have been blinking our eyes for a while! The “Prithviraj” factor again tips the balance in the favor the Tamil version.

The star power of Govinda, Ravi Kissen and relatively unknown Nikhil Dwivedi in the Hindi version is overpowered by Karthik, Prabhu and unknown Munna in the Tamil version. Karthik and Prabhu were excellent when they came together in Mani’s Agninakshatram two decades back! The optimist in me says sparks will fly like the earlier movie while the pessimist says they will have miniscule roles. Yet, I will watch the Tamil version because of this duo.

Then why should I watch the Hindi version? Mani, the marketing wizard, has cast Vikram in both versions. He enact to two different roles – antagonist in one and protagonist in another. Vikram will be enacting Prithviraj’s role in the Hindi version. Vikram has dubbed in his voice! Wouldn’t it be interesting to watch Vikram enact two different roles in the same story in different languages? It will be far better than dual role in the same movie!

Was Mani thinking about me?

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  1. With due respect to Mani,(I think he is a fabulous film maker),I would not watch any version.
    Aishwarya gets on my nerves and the less I say about AB Junior the better. I would be happy just to read your reviews. Of both versions of course.
    BTW, finally convinced hubby to come and watch Rajneeti with me, what a triumph!

  2. So, the film benefits Vikram more? Anyway I want to see both versions..

  3. will certainly go in 4 ravanAN than raavan..bein @ poonaey it wud sound a bit improbable..but if u r seein the moovie for MR i believe it has to be th tamil version..
    as far as casting's concerned..mani is considered to be a director who prefers to work with his own gang of actors..be it aravind swamy, madhavan,AB, aish rai et all..its tuff 4 someone to gatecrash into manis world..so similar set of ppl in both flims..
    the vikram factor: the MBA cells in mani wud have murmured tht a certain vikram in th hindi prodn wud help the hindi twin gather some much needed dollars in the southern belt!!

  4. @Aparna - Congratulations! Tell what you (and your hubby) think about the movie after seeing it.

    @Tomz - I think it benefits Mani and Vikram both! Vikram gets a chance to act in Mani movie! Mani can leverage the popularity of Vikram in south to get more audience to watch it!

    @Vishwamithran - Pune has almost no options when it comes to South Indian movies! I have been there! Mani is indeed trying to milk it as long as possible in the south using Vikram!

  5. Nona,I think, this is the First time u writing abt a movie, even b4 seeing it . Ravan has done some upright marketing it seems.:-)

    I will definitely watch both the versions for below two reasons
    1) Normally movies are re-made after its proven success somewhere else. This means Actor/Actress in 2nd version , normally gets influenced by the 1st version. Ravan has something different. :-)
    2) Again, Lets see who is more skilled , Superstars from North or South.. :-)

  6. That was a cool observation. Would never have occured to me.

  7. @Jithu - Hoping that this would be an interesting watch. About superstars of north and south, Vikram is a much better actor than Abhishek! So it is a not a fair comparison!

    @Radha - :)


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