The Raining Room

Picture 077 The sign got me thinking. What is a raining room?

I have heard about rain dance – showers running zig-zag above, water gushing out in force, people gyrating to music!

Are the higher ups using the magical and soothing power of water to invigorate it’s employees?

The room is indeed used for transforming the employee. But the sign missed a “T”. The missing “T” changed training into raining!

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  1. another amazing stuff from my ex-office. :)

  2. Missing letters do make interesting reading. Even Neon Signs which have lights missing! Good fun.

  3. A missing letter can at times becomes very embarrassing.

  4. That was too good .U always comes up with something interesting... Keep going... :-)

  5. @Mitz - he he

    @Radha - I agree.

    @BKC - A missing letter and wrongly spelling words can both be embarassing.

    @Jithu - TY. :)


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