Surprise Visits

I love to turn up, without any prior notification, at my parent’s home. I also do the same on my immediate relatives. I picked up this habit from my dad. He surprised everyone with his spontaneous visits. The surprise was always followed by festivities triggered by his contagious positive energy. Like a dutiful son, I inherited a part of this quality and imitated to fill in the gaps.

While preparing for a surprise visit, a friend almost shook me out of my wits when he asked, “What if nobody is there when you reach there?”. Having pointed out the flaw in my approach, it was easy to devise a solution. Before going over, I discreetly called up the destination to check if somebody was there. In case I couldn’t get to anyone, I still showed up but with a backup plan.

Recently, I was catching up with an old classmate. Somewhere along the interesting conversation, we moved into the territory of “surprise visits”. I confessed about my penchant for surprise visits. I also shared the do and don'ts of the same! After listening to me patiently, she narrated her experience.

Inspired by other tales of surprise visits, she decided to surprise her parents. So she turned up at her parent’s home one morning. Unfortunately, her husband could not join her in this mission! She was all smiles when her parents opened the door. But, her parents were surprised. Instead of the usual bonhomie, there was an uncomfortable silence. Then they asked, “Is everything alright? Did you fight with your husband?”.

Her parents were so worried that they continued their interrogation throughout the day. Their methods were subtle but focused. Now she always communicate her visits well in advance. Surprise visits are not her!

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  1. Hey, I too do that to my parents! But for another reason. My parents, father especially, would worry till I don't show up at home! :D

  2. I surprised my mother once with a visit. She was so taken aback she forgot to offer me dinner. She and dad sat down to eat and I had to tell her that I did not eat anything on the plane :)

  3. @Dominic - Makes perfect sense not to tell him! :)

    @Aparna - :D Adverse side effects... Isn't it?


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