Three kings on the road

On the way to my work, I saw three kings on the road. While everyone around them were frantically trying to reach their destination, the three kings rested; never under pressure to move! They could not have asked for a better place to rest as the roads are smoothest and they were under the shade of the elevated road leading to the Electronic City.

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Tags: Bangalore


  1. hahaha.. since i cudnt see properly in thumbnails.. I enlarged the view and could not stop laughing!! I dont knw why like a dumb i was searching for kings :)) but yeah.. in india they r the kings who do what they wish :(

  2. @Vineeta - Thanks for dropping by. :) They looked like royals and hence the title. :)

  3. We have some tribals who live permanently under the flyover in our city. They sleep there, cook there, bathe there. They are cleared from the area only when a VIP goes on the road ( and this is a central main road). They are the kings, truly.

  4. @Radha - I think you can find such people around India! With no houses to live or no money to rent, where would they go! At least, during construction, they have a makeshift places around the site that serves as houses for the workers!


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