Eastbound Agara flyover is open for traffic

After months of construction – probably with slippages in both budget and schedule, Agara flyover is open for traffic. The eastbound flyover has opened while the westbound is still under construction. This is a good move by BDA as traffic will ease at this bottleneck!

You can watch the video of the first person experience of using this flyover. It was tough to manage the wheel and the camera. So, kindly forgive the Paul Greengrass-esque feel.

Eastbound Agara Flyover

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  1. phew! finally .... big applause to bda ... :D

  2. Thanks for sharing. What is the route of this flyover.

  3. Interesting blog, keep expressing your thoughts.

  4. Any measure to ease Bangalore's traffic woes is welcome. Lat time I was in the city, it took 45 minutes to travel 5 kms.

  5. ohh.. its ready!! cool.. thanks for sharing but i felt u almost brushed thr that truck :) Be careful on b'lore roads :)

  6. @Laks - Yes! Applause to BDA! But a couple of hours back, I was on my way back on the same road and the flyover was closed. Not sure because it is night and there is some construction going still! Hope it is not a mess there tomorrow!

    @Chandrika - Thank you. :)

    @Swantantra - This is not on any national highways. This is a local flyover trying to reduce congestion on some of the intersections. They are around 6 such flyovers that are in various phases of construction.

    @KG - Thanks for dropping by. Thank you. :)

    @Aparna - Well, nothing has changed here much! If you try the same route now, probably it will not take 45 minutes. It might take 60 minutes. :)

    @Vineeta - he he! Will be more careful next time.


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