Grasshopper and Money

Picture 086 For me, grasshopper is a pleasing sight. The green color of the grasshopper reminds me of the paddy fields in Kerala. It also brings out soothing childhood memories.

“Somebody is going to give me money!”. Those words were uttered by my mom when a grasshopper came to rest on her shoulders after incessant hopping. Three of us – my mom, my sister and me - were sitting in the verandah of my maternal grandmother’s house in Thottappally(located 20 kms south of Alappuzha). It was a quiet evening when schools were closed. In fact, we visited my maternal grandmother mostly when the schools were closed. The sun was on it’s downward descent. The evening sea breeze provided the much needed escape from the sweltering afternoon heat.

After a couple of minutes, the grasshopper rested on me from my mother’s shoulders. I looked expectantly at my mother. After all, she was the one who controlled the purse strings. She nodded and said, “You are also going to get money”. She conveniently omitted the details of the giver. After a few minutes, we saw my sister dashing after the grasshopper. Her mom and her brother were granted cash flow by the grasshopper and she did not want to be left behind.

I never found out if my mom got any money after the incident. As for me, I should have gotten a bomb because my maternal uncles always ensured it. Even today, I consider grasshoppers lucky!

Do I see a grasshopper often? I do. They have a knack of turning up when I’m stressed out.

Do they bring in money? I do not know! But they do bring peace.

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  1. Its got that nostalgic tinge in the writing.. I could see green paddy fields and that grasshopper hopping and ur sister running behind it :) Really miss those quaint days :)

  2. Nona, no.
    My garden in full of them.
    And every time I sit down to read a few pop into my lap.
    No georgekutties, though.

  3. Nice post. I hardly find any grasshoppers in Mumbai.

  4. That's i am hearing for the first time.. Siddharth enjoy watching grass hopper and now for next time i am going to implement this concept with him..

  5. I can well imagine the peace brought by such nostalgic memories. Grasshoppers where I live are not seen very often. But I shall definitely remember this post next time I see one.

  6. Never heard of this before. Grasshoppers are pretty rare in Mumbai, though I do see a lot of rich people. I guess the rich keep them as pets in their pigeon hole size flats here.

  7. Heard of it as well, the Grasshopers bringing in money, that is. Wonder if it as any stories attached to it, and how many have actually benefitted from it!

  8. Grasshoppers?! Haven't seen them in ages. But next time I go to India I'm going to be on the look out for them.

  9. @Vineeta - Thank you! Grasshopper is nostalgia for me. :)

    @PerumalyThoma - It is good to see you around! I thought you had abandoned your blog since I haven't see any updates for a while now.

    As for "Georgekutties", the grasshopper may be planning to give you a bumper one like a jackpot or lottery. ;) It doesn't hurt to think positively

    @SjMach - Thanks for dropping by! But everyone in Mumbai is rich. ;)

    @Swatantra - hank you. It feels good to know that I have inspired another family and in turn shaped their nostalgia. :)

    @Radha - And I pray you see a lot of them and also get very rich. :)

    @Aparna - Now, you need to raid those rich people and get some for yourself. :p

    @RGB - I have benefited. My "BP" levels go down.

    @ Neena - Thanks for dropping by.

    I pray that you see a lot of them. :)


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