Loose v/s Lose

will loose confidence

loosing the time

will not loose this chance

I see this all the time in email communications. The emails written by colleagues who have good (written) communication skills.

Why do they use loose instead of lose? Is it because they say out the word in their mind before they write?

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  1. I think most of us say the word in the mind before writing.
    However , if you get the answer, do communicate.

  2. hee hee ... have the same issue .... whenever I stumble upon lose/loose, i imagine a skinny person wearing a XXXL shirt .... at least, the loose part comes out rite ... ;)

  3. I have noticed this too, and also the fact that its not a typo!

  4. How about, quiet (instead of 'quite') right! I guess it is some sort of disorder. People who don't get it right no matter how hard they try!

  5. @BKC - I think so too! But in order to be sure, I posted it. I'm awaiting for comments. :)

    @Laks - That is a nice way to be sure. :)

    @Sujata - It is not typo. If it is a typo, I will not see this in every other email by the same person. :)

    @RGB - Quiet Right. :) There are people who don't get it and there are others. Others usually write well but they make a mistake here and there. I'm talking about people belonging to others category!


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