Movie Review: I Hate LUV Storys

Jay Dhingra(Imran Khan) hates the word “love”. He doesn’t believe in it! He also hates the mushy love stories dished out by Bollywood. Ironically, he works as an assistant director to Veer Kapoor(Sameer Soni), the most successful director in this genre. While it is taxing for him to be an assistant director to Veer, Jai does it to add value to his resume.

Simran Sharma(Sonam Kapoor) is a die hard romantic and her life is just out of a movie made by Yashraj/Dharma productions. She leads the perfect life and has a perfect life partner in Raj Dholakhia(Sameer Dattani). She has been chosen as the art director by Veer Kapoor for his new venture. She is looking forward to it.

Jay and Simran meets in a movie theater for the first time as part of their assignments. Jay likes Simran at first sight. But he manages to rub her the wrong way. The next day, Jay is surprised to see Simran at his office. Even during the second meeting, Jay is not able to make peace with Simran. Every thing about Simran makes Jai laugh and this invariably irritates Simran. But soon, the equations change.

Punit Malhotra directs this movie which produced by Dharma Productions and UTV. This movie references many of the successful movies from Yashraj/Dharma stable and tries to justify that these movies connect despite being illogical. But the references to those successfully movies are done in haste and lacks the ability to invoke laughter. The interactions between the lead pair offers interesting viewing; but only occasionally. Punit fails in the script department with the film giving occasional laughs at places and boring at other places.

Sonam Kapoor is endearing as Simran. In the first half, she play a dumb girl and in the second half, she plays a confused girl. She manages to walk the narrow line between the two successfully. Imran Khan manages to get the right expressions most of the time. But he has to improve the dialogue delivery as he talks fast and does not slow down which offsets his timing while performing funny scenes! Sameer Soni is very good in a role which is a caricature of Karan Johar. Sameer has played the part beautifully; very different from his previous role in Fashion. But the one who manages extract the most laughs out of the audience is Jai’s friend cum philosopher, the obese actor who features in Sprite ads.

Be forewarned. Borrowing Jay Dhingra’s words from the movie, this is FUGLY.

Language: Hindi

Genre: Comedy

Rating: **

Picture Courtesy: Bollywood Hungama

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  1. so a watchable movie all in all?

  2. @Harish - Please do not waste your time and money!

  3. KJo na... I will watch it if a CD comes to my house :P btw.. u seem to be a movie buff :D

  4. ek dam sahi review.. was out of touch for a very long time.. will try to be regular now..

  5. might watch it to drool over Imran Khan

  6. @ Sujata, grow up.

    @ Nona, why do you keep wasting your hard earned money?

  7. I was planning to watch it and make a blog post with title I hate I hate love stories

  8. @Vineeta - You made the right decision. Watching it on CD will also enable you to do other productive work. :)

    Yes, I'm a movie buff! It also helps me when I'm running out of ideas for new posts. :)

    @Swatantra - Thank you! Hope to see you more often here.

    @Sujata - You have been warned. Enter at your risk. :)

    @Aparna - Well, I need to spend all that money. ;)

    @Harish - You can also give a review without seeing it. If you look at the track record of the makers, there is plenty to hate about it. :)

  9. oh yeah .. the fat guy in the sprite ad .... he's generally awesome ... he was there in my name is khan as well, right ?

  10. @Deepa - I don't remember seeing him MNIK! Then again, I was not paying full attention to the movie after the initial one hour! But he is funny in this movie. I was not able to find his name!

  11. Will watch it tomorrow. Then will I comment


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