Playboy at work!

Picture 105 The familiar rabbit caught my attention and I asked my friend from work, “Are you advertising your achievements or capabilities?”.

My question perplexed him. It was evident from his response. “What happened?”.

I patiently continued. “Your T-shirt”.

On hearing this, he asked, “What is wrong with the T-shirt?”.

I narrowed my eyes and raised my eyebrows. I was going to kill myself if he was naive and ignorant!

Then he replied with a sly smile, “No. I didn’t mean that. I’m a playboy because I’m interested cricket, football etc”.

I did not pursue it further. But check out what is written on his back!

Picture 104

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  1. Don't know about Playboys, but Playboy Bunnies are sure required to have high-class bums (and more)...

  2. now imagine him in the playboy bunny attire and have a good time!

  3. haahah...enjoyed reading this..

  4. @Mitz - :)

    @Sucharita - I didn't know what a Playboy bunny was and I looked up on the internet. :)

    @Sujata - No! No! I don't want to imagine him in anything!

    @Ramesh - Thank you.

  5. It is evident you belong to a different generation ( not that I had a doubt) since you have not heard of the Playboy bunny - :-)

  6. He must have been naive, to have bought/worn the t-shirt, without knowing what it meant. Ignorance is bliss!

  7. Im a playboy because I'm inteersted in cricket etc...How naiive is that! Cut the poor guy some slack

  8. Gloria Steinem famously quoted ‘A woman reading Playboy feels a little like a Jew reading a Nazi manual’, I wonder what she had to say abt your Playboy T- shirt :)

  9. Wonderful post. I enjoyed reading it.
    My friend has sent me the Murals of Bangalore so I thought of posting as it seems to be very nice and interesting. I do not know exactly in which place these murals have been done.


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