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Picture 103 I have enrolled my daughter in a reading class. The activities at her little school is sufficient to fine tune her reading skills. In spite of the learning from school, I decided to opt for the reading class as she will interact with a different set of children from her age group and as a side effect, she might learn to cope up with competition!

Today is her second reading class. At the end of the first session, the teacher had given us a few flashcards to practice at home! I had completely forgotten about the flashcards until this morning. I remember seeing my daughter playing with it sometime during the week.

So, in order to locate the flashcards, I called out loudly to my daughter, “Where are the reading flashcards? You have to carry them for your reading class.”

My daughter replied nonchalantly. “You paid the money to the teacher! So, you find it!”.

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  1. Very intelligent and practical girl.
    On serious note, it does help if the parents get involved with children's education.

  2. Hm.. This is just the begining

  3. LOL can that be called Nonalogic? :) Like my son thought (Still thinks!) brushing his teeth is a favour to me :)

    And then where did you find them?

  4. You enrolled her for a reading class? Leave her alone, she will learn soon enough and then you have to hide all your books from her. I must say, she is an extremely intelligent girl. She has already learned how to handle her father pretty well!

  5. Intelligent and innocent answer. :)

  6. Very smart answer, she sure doesn't need a reading class.

  7. Ah, don't they do things and also not do them becoz of us!...loved the post...a lot of reality!

  8. Reading class!! I didnt know anything like that existed. But its a good thing, if the class is a good one.

  9. Smart kid! Whether it is at home or outside, it is good to introduce kids to books.

  10. @BKC - Thank you! I will keep that in mind.

    @Harish - :)

    @Indian Home Maker - The favor part was funny! My daughter knew where the flashcards were and she was teasing me.

    @Aparna - Yes, she has mastered the art of handling her dad. I know she will learn reading eventually! But as a parent, I would like to accelerate the whole learning process.

    @Chandrika - :)

    @Rama - :) She is 4.5 years old. She can't read yet.

    @Nalini - Thanks.

    @Sujata - I came to know it only a month back.

    @Radha - :) Yes, I agree


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