Transporting Trident

Picture The picture was taken on my way to work. The bullock cart in front was carry three long steel pieces.

It resembled a trishul or trident.

It is dangerous to have the cart is ahead of you!

But is there any other way of transporting these three pieces in a cheap manner?

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  1. nona ji
    Your words of consolation on loss of my brother helped me strengthen myself. I really appreciate it and pray for peace and good health to you and yr near ones. Really lucky to have come across you.

  2. I know of a Jain family in Delhi which lost a brother who drove through such rods at night. Pl use this as msg

  3. @Ramesh - I'm lucky to have you as a friend. With the distance between us, I can only spare words. :(

    @Swantantra - Thank you.

    @BKC - Sorry to hear about your friend.


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