Vitamin M

A friend is interested in changing the jobs. He is currently with one of the high paying MNCs and is planning to apply into one of the premier Indian organizations. On hearing this, I was surprised and asked “Why?”.

“There are many onshore opportunities there. The offshore pay is not good. With the onsite opportunities, I can accelerate my mortgage payments!”, my friend replied.

I was still not convinced and continued my line of questioning. “How are you sure?”

He patiently replied, “Well, I checked with my friends who are employed there! Most of them have gone onshore many times that they are bored of it. Now, they have begun refusing such opportunities. This results in a lot of open positions which the managers struggle to fulfill.”.

The explanation made sense. But what about the added stress? There were more unanswered questions.

He concluded, “Which job does not have stress? As long as there is Vitamin M, I do not care”

Vitamin M? Folic Acid? Then it dawned on me!

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  1. vit m, the monster, makes the world go around buddy...give a damn to happines and peaceful idle breaks...

  2. God, man you're on a blogging overdrive. Can't catch up with all your posts, whenever I come back there is 1-2 new ones up! Have a lotta spare time at office eh? :D

  3. I agree with your friend. It is important to have a lots and lots and lots of M. Unfortunately, in this competitive world M is essential

  4. Well, it's a rich man's world, as the song goes!

  5. Hey!! Blogger Thanks for liking my post and visiting my blog. I also liked yr blog. Good Luck.

  6. Vitamin M - the great motivator. For good and for bad. Depends on what one wants in life.

  7. "Nineteen potential vitamin M containing foods have been found - those currently in the diet as well as those less frequently used" Source:Unknown

  8. @Ramesh - Yes, Vitamin M is very powerful!

    @Harish - Vitamin M is shown in the picture. :)

    @ScorpioGenius - he he he! Now, there is time to blog! You will experience drought soon. ;)

    @BKC - Wisely said.

    @Aparna - Money Talks!

    @Juhi - Thanks for dropping by.

    @Radha - Aren't we all confused about what we want in life? :(

    @Indian Bazaars - Thanks for dropping by.


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