Are we so gullible?

Have you been approached by cops in broad daylight to remove your ornaments for examination? If it sounds weird, this is an experience of a lady who was on her way home near the Sarjapur-Outer Ring Road junction in Bengaluru. The cops were perched on motorbike in full regalia. There were conducting a survey on what kind of ornaments were worn by people as thefts are on the rise in the area. At least, so they claimed! The lady politely asked these cops to visit her home so that the survey can be done in the confines of her home in presence of her dear ones. On hearing this, the cops lost interest in pursuing this further.

If you think on this further, these are not cops but con artists. It shows how easy it is to impersonate the law enforcement officials and the audacity of the con artists. A con cannot succeed without a victim. In this case, the victims are us! Are we so gullible to fall for such schemes? Do we suspend thinking while encountering an uniformed official?

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  1. Thanks for sharing this information.Delhi is not a safe city and hope such performance is not repeated here.

  2. Yes you are right, Cops in Bangalore move in the distinct Cheetah motorcycles (yellow colored) with green helmets.
    Hope the Bangalore Police has taken note of this.

  3. @BKC - You are welcome.

    @Vaz - Ty. Next time, I will definitely remember this information.


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