Books: The Good Man Jesus and The Scoundrel Christ

Philip Pullman writes his version of the story of Jesus. In his version, Mary and Joseph had twins – Jesus and Christ.  He starts with Mary; her birth and her subsequent marriage to Joseph. He ends his story long after the crucifixion.

The title is blasphemous. But if you can overcome the initial distaste towards the title, it is an interesting read. If you have heard the story of Jesus, then this book brings you an alternate narrative of the story. It will amuse you and also make you think. When you think , you will also try to differentiate between faith and the salesperson associated with the faith.

Regardless of your religion, you can pick up this book if you are ready to examine your faith, if you are familiar with the story of Jesus and if you are not offended by a new interpretation of a religious story. Once you satisfy the above three criteria, you will be amazed at the thoughts this book can stimulate.

This book is a part of the Myth series which consists of a series of novels from various writers all over world trying to reinterpret popular myths. 

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  1. oh the book is good is it? but me too not happy with the title yar...

  2. What a title! Honestly, I would not have picked this one up, though I'm not so easily scandalized.Was it really good?

  3. Thankfully no christian organization has sprung up so far demanding a ban on the book. That apart there have been a lot of Books taking up cudgels against Christ and Mel Gibson sensationalized one such with his 'passion of Christ' movie.

  4. The title would make me pick up the book and read the back cover and the first few pages, thats how catchy the title is!!

  5. @Ramesh - It is a good read if you can get past the title!

    @Aparna - This is a interpretation of what might have happened! It does open up your mind. :)

    @Vaz - At least not in India! On an international level, there are protests!

    @Sujata - Read through the entire book. :)


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