Books: Notes From A Big Country

After living in England for nearly 20 years, Bill Bryson moves back to US. After moving back to his native country after a long period of time, he notices many changes in people and culture. As part of his column for the Mail on Sunday, he comments on the changes. This book is a compilation of the articles published in his column.

The articles were published 10 years back. So, some of the issues dealt here has already been highlighted by others in the recent times in other forums. So, you will not find anything new in this book considering the era we live in. Moreover, a commentary tends to be taxing on you after you have completed half the book as reading a collection of articles at one shot is different from reading individual article weekly.

Bill Bryson’s style is unique and interesting. He adorns his verbs with adjectives. In this process, he pairs his verb with an odd adjective, which often has a negative connotation, bringing in a hilarious twist. In addition, he uses combines two statements with negative meaning to paint a different picture. This forces a careless reader to come back, examine the sentence again and laugh out loud.

Pick it up and read random chapters. It will surely bring a smile to your lips.

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