Books: Sh*t My Dad Says

Justin Halpern moves in with his parents after his girlfriend breaks up with him. His dad Samuel Halpern is a retired radiologist. Samuel possesses an unique way of communicating with others. He uses a lot of expletives like sh*t and f***ing! As they sound funny, Justin sets up a twitter account where he updates the little pearls of wisdom coming from his dad’s mouth. Very soon, his follower counts reach amazing proportions. As a result, he ends up with a book deal which resulted in this book.

The book has an introduction followed by 17 chapters. In the introduction, Justin tells us the genesis of the book. Each chapter deals with a specific event from Justin’s life. Justin learnt an important lesson from these events. The title of the chapter reflects this lesson. While reading the chapter, the lesson is not right in the face. This makes the reader read the chapter and then find the link between the event and the title. The chapters ends with one-liners from Samuel on many issues.

The book is a very fast read. The one-liners at the end do not have any connection with the chapter. It must have been added to invoke more laughter from the reader. Even without it, the book works. In some occasions, the one liners do give out what will follows in the next chapters.

Justin’s book deals with his dad. Beneath the loud spoken and expletive-spitting man, there lies a caring and loving dad who will not accept anything less for his kids. The book is heavily loaded with humor. But the humor doesn’t drown the emotional and sentimental aspect of the relationship.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable read.

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  1. will make for interesting quotes, am sure

  2. @Ramesh - Read it! It is more interesting! :)

    @Sujata - There are a plenty!

  3. on wow, this book sounds very interesting! Thanks for this review.


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