Generator sets inside the GCDA shopping complex

If you take a stroll inside the GCDA Shopping complex lining the Marine Drive in Kochi, it is hard to miss the red colored contraptions kept outside the shops. They are carefully placed so as not to obstruct the flow of traffic into the shop! Wires run from the body of the contraption and magically disappear into the shops.

This red colored contraption, known as generator set, is a saving lifeline for most of the shopkeepers here! How can you sell your wares if a prospective customers cannot see it adequate light; be it natural or artificial? The blackouts or the power cuts can be overcome with these. The side effects of the generator sets are the irritating hum of the motor and the smell of the burning fuel in the air!

Neither the sounds nor the smell bothered me when I visited the GCDA shopping complex on the eight day of Onam. What intrigued me was the number of generator sets to be found in the corridors of the shopping complex. The shopping complex has been operational from the 90’s. But still, it lacks a central generator set that can power the entire shopping complex inconspicuously.

There are still certain small things in Kochi which has not changed over the years. Unfortunately, it is me who has started demanding more from the city!

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  1. A potential health hazard at least to those workers in these shops.

  2. This is a very common sight in Delhi too. Mumbai fortunately has common generators, power cuts are pretty common specially in the Thane suburb.

  3. As I have stayed at Delhi so I know very well that it is the day to day problem of power cut. Not only at Delhi infact all places in India. Generator and inverters have become must for shops and houses.

  4. In the heat of all the shopping and the mad rush of managed to spot the all-too-conspicuous generators, eh?

    Most of us expect more from our city. For all you know there may have been many proposals for fixing the central generator set, which might be sitting pretty on the GCDA desks gathering dust!

  5. @Ajeesh - Yes! The workers are more prone to diseases working under such conditions!

    @Aparna - Small shops are one thing and big places like the shopping complex mentioned are another thing! For eg: it might be difficult to go for a backup generator for the entire Sarojini Market in New Delhi. But for a mall, it makes all the more sense.

    @Babli - Generators and Inverters are have become a mist of all shops. All the new buildings come up with backup generators eliminating the need for inverters!

    @RGB - It was raining on that day. As a result, there was less rush between 2 and 3 pm. It wasn't bad!

  6. maybe they should change their Generator to a better one.


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