How do you interpret “Thanks!!!”?

Of late, I have been reading official emails where a simple thanks is followed by repeated exclamations. The exclamations appear in pairs or triplets. The pattern cannot be predicted. It could either be “Thanks!!” or “Thanks!!!” depending on your luck!

Repeated exclamations are used for emphasis. But what is the emphasis here? It is a thanks! Is the sender indicating the joy for a job well done or frustration for a job that took so long?

I generally limit my exclamation to one while expressing displeasure. Whenever I express gratitude, I refrain from using exclamations. So, I keep wondering if this is a new style.

What do you think?

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  1. haha..hey too wonder always y people do this or whether i am wrong..good post with a good poser ya..

  2. I thought exclamation indicated surprise.. ;)
    So it could be thought that the sender meant it as "Surprisingly Thanks"... More the number of exclamations.. more surprise it would indicate.. how to precieve this now depends on the reciever.. :):)

  3. Very nice post. Keep writing.

  4. I remember when as a lecturer, I had marked a report as Good!! The student came up to me later and said - I understand - Good. But why - Good!! I said it as not just Good, but Good!! - altering my tone for both the Good and the Good!! But I knew she was right, and have tried making a conscious habit to avoid the unnecessary exclamation marks, but sometimes it still does crop up.

  5. Hmmm... Good thought.This is something which I never noticed.
    Next time, I will refrain from typing "GM!" in communicator, particularly to my boss. .. :-D

  6. ! has the added effect. But when overdone negates the effect!!

  7. I agree with your interpretation.exclamation mark becomes satirical.

  8. @Ramesh - I'm also trying to find out.

    @Priyanka - Thanks for dropping by.

    Why is the surprise when you say thanks? Is it because it was not expected? :) And hence my confusion!

    @Babli - Thanks

    @Radha - I am also consciously trying to avoid "!" in my sentences.

    @Jithu - :)

    @BKC - It happens to me at least once a week. :)

    @RGB, @SRA - I think so too.

  9. Maybe it is to emphasise on the thanks :)

  10. Your own conscience can justify that... ;)

  11. I have seen it many times and i think i must have done it too.
    jus being honest :))

    Nice Post"!"


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