How to watch TV when you have conjunctivitis?

How do you survive without TV when you are struck by conjunctivitis? You can let go of everything except TV. Especially when the TV offers never ending soaps and the reality shows. The never ending soaps might hardly contain two minutes of a trace of a plot when you have discounted the advertisement and the montages of the actors reacting in various angles with jarring music in the background. What if this trace of a plot turned out to the turning point? The reality shows comes in two flavors – the reality show and the junior reality show! Both of it are not to be missed.

Now that the decision is to watch these entertaining features on the TV, the only option is to contain the damage to the eyes. The damage can only be reduced by limiting the stress on the eyes. This can be achieved in two ways.

The first way is to kiss goodbye to the visuals. Lie down in any comfortable furniture or even floor with your legs pointing away from the TV and back of your head facing the TV. Now listen to your favorite program.

The second way to render the rays, emanating from TV, less powerful. This way, you can see the visual; but in a blurred manner. This can be easily accomplished by placing a nearly transparent curtain between you and the TV.

Are you smirking at me already? I agree you might have employed the same methods during your childhood. If you had loving parents like mine, the chances are that your parents would have screamed or beat the living daylights out of you! At this age, I’m confident that this treatment will not be meted out to me! Because I’m not the genius who devised these methods during conjunctivitis phase! It was my mom who was trying to extract the best out of life by employing the above methods.

Parents! They teach you one thing all your childhood and go on to demonstrate the reverse for the rest of your life!

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  1. It would be a GOD sent opportunity to miss TV

  2. My, my...not even conjunctivitis can keep you away from TV! Give your eyes a break....

  3. @BKC - You are right!

    @RGB - Actually, none in my family tree can keep themselves away from TV! :|

  4. During conjunctivitis attack one can see only stars not TV!

  5. Never question a mother! She will have a good answer for it.

  6. Athyavashyam aano?! chumma irunnu kanji kudichu, rest edutha pore?! :P

  7. @$$ - TV illathe enthu rasam?


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