Movie Review: Naan Mahaan Alla

A group of college going students are thick friends. They are heavy drug users. They spend their time playing sports and doing nothing of significance. None of them have girl friends. Possessed by envy and desire, they attack an young couple who visit a run down section of the beach. They injure the boy and rape the girl.

Meanwhile, Jeeva(Karthi) is a carefree young man. He is very sharp and quick with words. When he attends his friend’s engagement, Jeeva meets Priya(Kajal Aggarwal). Being quick witted, he is able to grab Priya’s attention. Very soon, they fall in love with each other. Karthi’s dad is a call taxi driver while Priya’s dad is a criminal lawyer.

How these two seemingly independent story lines collide forms the rest of the story. This movie, directed by Suseenthiran, offers a mixed bag experience for the audience. Even though the wooing phase of the lead couple has been witnessed umpteen time before, Suseenthiran is able to infuse energy and also freshness in those scenes. The visualization of the song which shows the lead couple has knowing smiles, wide eyes and lip-to-lips. Although all the lip smooches are covered up using the traditional methods of turning away faces or taking the camera away, it still shows how movie makers have progressed avoiding vulgarity or sensationalism. Suseenthiran has also cast the right faces to play his characters and he has extracted natural performances from all his performers. On the flip side, the story drags after the initial reels. It gathers momentum when Jeeva embarks on his investigation culminating in the final action scene on the beach. The action scene is a departure from his rest of the movie where Jeeva dons the superman avatar. But, the action scene is excellent. Jeeva fights four people at the same time. The camera, the action choreography and the CGI make the final scene a must watch.

Karthi excels as Jeeva. His Jeeva is energetic and spontaneous. He is able to convincingly portray an irresponsible young man who does not know anything about life other than to enjoy life. He makes us laugh during the major part of the movie. When he transforms in the second half, we sit up and watch. He is fantastic in the final action scene. The CGI and the pulleys might have helped him perform those stunts. But there is fury in his body. Kajal Aggarwal has a brief role and is completely forgotten in the second half. When she is around, her beautiful eyes do that talking. Every one in this movie has performed well.

The plot is wafer thin with enough moments that captures your attention. If you are going for this, don’t buy popcorn at the beginning of the movie. There are many places in the movie where the pace slackens. Reserve your visits to the popcorn stall till then.

Language: Tamil

Genre: Drama

Rating: **

Picture Courtesy: Bollywood Hungama

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