Movie Review: The Rebound

Sandy(Catherine Zeta-Jones) discovers the philandering habits of her husband while editing her kid’s birthday videos. Following the shocking discovery, she files for divorce and moves into New York City with her son and daughter. In spite of being overqualified, she takes up a fact checking job with one of the TV networks. Aram Finklestein(Justin Bartha) is recently separated from his wife who was using him to get a green card. Aram is well educated with college degrees. Yet, he is unsure about what to do in life. He works in a coffee shop and lives with his parents.

When Sandy moves into New York City, she rents out the apartment on top of the coffee shop where Aram works. By chance, Aram ends up as a babysitter for her kids. In the process, Aram gradually gets friendly with the kids. As part of the rebound, a friends sets up Sandy on a date that turns out to be a disaster. Slowly, the two people, who are on a rebound, develops a friendship and also get attracted to each other. But, Sandy is 40 while Aram is 25. What happens in their life forms the rest of the story.

Bart Freundlich directs this movie based on his script. The movie has situations that evoke laughter like Sandy venting out anger in a self defense class, Sandy’s first date after separation. But the emphasis is not on the comedy or raunchiness associated with a relationship between younger man and older woman. The film focuses on the two people trying to find the confidence to stand up on their feet after a disastrous relationship. This makes it an interesting watch that also surprise you at many places.

Justin Bartha delivers a performance which is very different from his “National Treasure” outings. Aram is laidback like his earlier roles but confused at the same time. His portrayal of a confused guy trying to find purpose (and finding love enroute) takes away the shine from Sandy on whom the script is written around. Catherine Zeta-Jones does well as Sandy effectively conveying the conflicted emotions.

The posters are misleading. This is not a comedy but a drama. But, it will still make you laugh at places. You will also be surprised as on how the movie shapes up. This is not to be watched with kids.

Language: English

Genre: Drama

Rating: ***

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