Preparing for Kaala Poottu (Cattle Race)

Kaala Poottu (translated as cattle race) is very popular in Palakkad. In fact, this is a tourist attraction. On my way to Bengaluru, I came across a crowd on the highway around 5 kms from Palakkad. The crowd was gathered on the side of a paddy field. I also found herds of cattle there. On pulling over, I learnt about the preparations of the cattle race in progress. I clicked pictures and also took videos. The skies were cloudy and the paddy fields looked lush in the reduced sunlight. I couldn’t stay there for long and watch the race.

Picture 148 Picture 149 Picture 152 Picture 153 Picture 154

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  1. nice! always wanted to shoot this, but could never manage till now!

  2. Interesting. Nice shots too!

  3. I had actually seen one such cattle race when I was a kid. Pretty exciting! Nice shots..

  4. lovely green fields. Great shots, this is something new to me, meaning the cattle race!

  5. @JoshiDaniel - The cattle race is conducted during the early part of the year. This is also a tourist attraction. You should check it out. I would love to see this being captured through your lens.

    @RGB, @Girish, @Sujata - Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it.


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