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An young relief worker named Ricky Colenso is murdered brutally in Bosnia. As a result, an hunt for the killer is kicked off and justice is served after executing a rendition on the criminal. Federick Forsythe gives us a detailed view of the brutalities behind a genocide and determination of a few men who pursues justice or revenge, purely based on your viewpoint.

The book is divided into three parts. Forsythe introduces the characters, describes the crime and the decision to pursue justice in the first part. In the second part, the criminal is traced and located. The extraction of the criminal is executed in the third part. Forsythe’s hero is the Avenger who specializes in rendition and ends a movie a few days before September 11 2001.

There is no suspense because it ending is a foregone conclusion. In spite of this, Forsythe captures our attention by detailing the events like an investigative journalist. Instead of commenting on the events, he narrates it to us, gives us a brief background and makes us draw inferences.

This is a fast moving thriller and ideally suited for people who love espionage.

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  1. The Avenger, according to me, was a pretty cool book - even for people who don't care much for espionage.

    I get the impression you didn't like it much. Am I correct?

  2. @Sakhi Shah - Thanks for dropping by. I loved the book! This was a welcome distraction.


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