Books: A Drink Before The War

Private Detective Patrick Kenzie is given an assignment by three prominent politicians - Representative Jim Vurnan, Senator Sterling Mulkern and Senator Brian Paulson. He has to find a cleaning lady named Jenna Angelina who was working at the State House. The politicians are trying to find her as she has gone missing after stealing important documents from the State house. When Patrick and his partner Angie Gennaro works on the case, they realize this goes beyond locating the missing person and retrieving the important documents.

Dennis Lehane is the author of this book and this is the first in his series known as Kenzie Gennaro series. The story unfolds from Patrick’s perspective. Patrick is a cynic and often talks with dollops of sarcasm. Despite bending and breaking the law at many places, he wants to serve justice; sometimes without the involvement of cops.

The novel takes a disturbing and hard hitting stance on people living in the malnourished sector of Boston. The whites and blacks are divided. The poverty and hatred are high everywhere which translates to inequality, oppression and violence. The characters are subjected to inequality not only because of the color of the skin but also due to the economic background. The oppression comes in the form of authority and also from their fathers.

If you can stomach violence, this is a good read.

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