Books: The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest

The story starts a few hours from where The Girl Who Played with Fire ends. Salander is wounded and rushed to the hospital. Along with her, the person whom Salander tried killing is also admitted in the hospital. The doctors save both their lives. When they struggle for life in the emergency ward of the hospital, a section within the Secret Police Sapo, becomes active. They know Salander can bring them down. As a result, they plan on making the Salander affair go away. They are ready to stoop to any level.

Meanwhile, Blomkvist realizes his fight is against a section of the government. He plans his moves carefully and gets his sister Annika to represent Salander. But soon, members of Sapo follow Blomkvist and taps his phone. Blomkvist gets additional help from Armansky, Salander’s boss. The rest of novel tells us how Blomkvist tackles these evil forces to get justice for Salander.

Stieg Larsson writes the final installment of the Millennium trilogy with this book. Like it’s predecessors, this is a gripping read. In the second book in the series, Steig had unraveled mystery behind Salander. In this book, he tells us how Salander is vindicated. The book has enough twists and turns to make it obsessive page turner. She is devoid of her only strength – computers – in the hospital ward. But Stieg finds a way to get her one. In a similar way, Stieg surprises us the reader with the simple but brilliant way in which his characters overcome obstructions. He also has all the well wishers of Salander coming together to get justice for her. When all of them come together, the reader also unwittingly becomes the part of the gang.

Excellent finish to a fine series.

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