The Lllloooo$L mystery

My friend received a very cryptic email. The body of the email contained only the word “Lllloooo$L”. The sender was his customer from UK! As soon as the email was received, my friend and his teammates panicked for two reasons. The sender was the subject matter expert for the application supported by my friend and his team. In addition, there were in the middle of a nasty issue in the application and emails were flying back and forth.

Their customer may have found out what was causing the nasty issue and narrowed it to “Lllloooo$L”. This caused everyone to panic.Ideally, they should have identified the issue instead of the customer.  When the panic subsided, the first course of action was to ask each other about “Lllloooo$L”. But, they drew a blank there! Following this, they broke into smaller units and began searching in the internal knowledge base, code repository and also the internet. The search was futile. The frustration level were going north when they received the second email.

The sender of the second email was again the customer from UK. Unlike the first email, this was not cryptic. It said, “This is what happens when a 1 yr old gets hold of the Blackberry!”. The earlier cryptic email, which resulted in the wild goose chase, was sent by an innocent one year old who was playing with the Blackberry.

Always leave the official toys out of an infant’s reach. Ask when you are not clear!

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  1. Jeez! Some cryptic message, huh?! And what did it turn up? A 1 year old infant behind the blackberry! ROFL ;D


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