Nalambalam: Tirumoozhikkulam Lakshmanaperumal Temple

Picture 105 Tirimoozhikkulam Lakshmanaperumal temple is the third temple in Nalambalam. The main deity here is Lakshmana. The temple is located in Ernakulam district very close to the Thrissur-Ernakulam district borders. This is the only temple that falls outside Thrissur district among Nalambalam.

There is a legend behind the genesis of the name associated with the temple. Years ago, Lord Vishnu appeared in person before a sage after being pleased with the latter’s devotion. After blessing his devotee by providing a vision of himself in flesh, Lord Vishnu taught him the ways to achieve peace and salvation. Because this was the place where the lord decided to appear and pass on the knowledge, the place was later known as Tirumoozhikkulam.

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