Timesharing a pink computer!

Two girls, who are fast turning five, have devised a beautiful way to timeshare a pink computer. There is only one pink computer and that belonged to one of the girls. So, they came up with this idea. One uses the computer while the other counts till 100. After counting to 100, they switched roles.

Soon, they switched to alphabets as counting to 100 was tedious. Now, they have singing “Skip around the roses”!

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  1. A wonderful arrangement. I wish my kids would agree to something like that! Here, my li'l one wants only what her big sis takes out to play, and that too immediately.

  2. I wish like RGB that my kids showed similar reverance to each other's time.

  3. @RGB, @Sujata - I was also surprised when the girls reached an amicable agreement. That sure was a moment to cherish. So, the video.

    @BKC - Thank you

  4. Neither of them would enjoy the laptop while they have it. They will be counting down in their mind :)


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