Travails of a software professional

Recently, I overheard the following conversation in a crowded elevator. The main protagonists kept the decibel levels high; fully unaware of the rest of the crowd. How did the rest of us in the elevator cease to exist for them is still a baffling question. We were pushing against each other in that crowded elevator on a drowsy Monday. So the question remains to be answered.

Protagonist 1: What do I tell my parents?

Protagonist 2: What is there to tell them!

Protagonist 1: They ask weird questions! They are not even supportive!

At this point, the second protagonist becomes silent. The silence signals the first protagonist that there is nothing new in these assertions.

Protagonist 1: My cousin works in the super bazaar!

I sensed the second protagonist’s sympathy for the lack of equality generated by different job titles in the family.

Protagonist 1: He works in the checkout counter and prints the bills.

Now, the first protagonist is agitated. This is quiet evident in his voice.

Protagonist 1: He uses computers as part of his work. I also use computers as part of his work. My parents are not able to differentiate between us.

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  1. Hahaha.... that is pretty heart breaking :P

  2. Very nice and wonderful post.
    You are welcome at my new posts -

  3. So, what were they trying to arrive at?

  4. haha omg..what i wanted to ask..bkc has asked...

  5. @$$ - Yes! It is. :(

    @Babli - Thank you! I will check it out.

    @BKC - It was a snippet of a conversation! I got on to the elevator at the point when parents were mentioned. After the comparison, I couldn't help laughing ear to ear. Everything mattered no more. For me, a guy at the check out counter and the guy I overheard in the elevator cannot be considered to be equal.

    @ScorpioGenius - Who is the victim here? :)

    @Ramesh - :) Check my response to BKC.

    @Tomz - Thank you!

  6. That was quite tragically funny! :P

  7. I thought both were gay and parents didnt approve..till the cousin from the cash counter came in and spoilt the I am confused!

  8. @ Nona, they're all victims in respective viewpoints.

    The guy at Supermarket billing counter who is subjected to third person taunts related to the stature of his job.

    The techie, who can't satisfy his ego in front of the society including his parents.

    And the parents of course who're submissed to believe that anyone who uses a Computer is a high-flyer.

    So there! :-)


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