Voyeur’s delight

Picture 163 The doors of the bathroom were open when I entered the hotel room after checking in. I had arrived in Pune in order to work out of this city for a new initiative. While preparing for the visit, all my colleagues, who had earlier been in the city for business, recommended this hotel as the best place to stay. The footnotes to the recommendation were so strong that I feared I will be pronounced a loser if I did not stay at this hotel. When I stepped into the hotel, I realized my fears were not baseless. I was blown away by the ambience of the hotel. Before planning my visit, I have not heard of this hotel; even when I was living in Pune years back. They have opened this place after my departure from the city.

But, the open doors bothered me. I have never witnessed this in the past. So, I felt something amiss. The doors appeared to the normal size. Then it hit me. It was not the door for I have already passed the door to the bathroom while entering the room and they were closed. This was a huge glass window with the blinds raised. They raised the blinds in order to give a clear view of the bathroom when the guest walks in. I was alarmed now.

What is the purpose of the huge glass window there? Then, I started rationalizing. I could see what is happening in the bedroom from the bathroom.

But why would I need that? There will be no intruders if I lock the doors. I could watch TV when I’m taking a bath.

How can I watch TV when my water flows over my eyes? All these rationalization left with only one possible option!

It is a voyeur’s delight! I can watch someone taking a bath! I have discovered the true purpose of glass window. Suddenly, I felt peace. But before long, the reality hit me. I’m here alone!

Whom am I going to watch? Myself?

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  1. Interesting...You didn't tell us which Hotel it is.. ;-)

  2. I really like this hotel, what is the name of this hotel?
    I hope you enjoyed your stay there.

  3. I wrote something similar called Lockless in Europe more than a year back. This is an European thing, this glass door concept. Horrid. I would be so stressed out over tis that I would never be able to enjoy the ambience at all.

  4. I was equally stumped when I saw this in Sahara Star Mumbai....good only for honeymooners and hookers

  5. Highly inconvenient if u went with anybody other than your partner!! :D

  6. @ScorpioGenius, @Rama - Sayaji hotel, Pune. I'm enjoying the stay here.

    @Ajeesh - :)

    @Aparna - I remember the article. Isn't that about no locks in the bathroom? Here, there are locks but you still can see inside!

    @Pesto Sauce, @Girish - :)


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