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“We are changing the policy of broadband at home. Going forward, the broadband bills for home will not be reimbursed.”, so announced the “big guy” at the all-hands meetings.

Any reimbursement is a sensitive subject. So, there were concerns which were voiced immediately.

Using the broadband at home is beneficial for the company too. Then why are you taking away the benefit?”. This was the general concern.

The big guy responded. “Using broadband, you are accomplishing your work too. It is a convenience. Your computer consumes power! Tomorrow, you might want the company to share your electricity bill.”

He continued. “While working, you get a coffee during the break for the relaxing your nerves. Tomorrow, you might want the company to pay for the coffee because this happened while you were working!”.

Finally, he concluded. “Somewhere, a line has to be drawn. So, we are drawing a line. The broadband connection is very cheap and we pay our employees well to afford a broadband connection.”

With the above concluding argument, the matter was put to rest!

Only big guys can talk like this and get away too!

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  1. Wow! That was ridiculous! I guess the Wipro results really hurt. :-)

  2. If you speak of "big guy" ,then you must also trust his decision and judgement.
    Boss is never wrong.

  3. So, now you blog at your own expense!

  4. if only companies were broadminded..broadband d be an easy choice, what say buddy?

  5. Hey, we have to pay for the electricity bills and the broad band bills. So now you know why I don't blog so frequently!!!

  6. When asked about very high fee on company provided transportation, your “big guy” replied, “We are not running a public transportation here!”. This too happened in an all hands meet couple of years back....

    This Broadband story is no surprise to me:D.

  7. @Mayank - This is neither about Wipro nor about AOL.

    @BKC - The big guys are never "ever" wrong.

    @Radha - I have always been blogging on my expense. This incident was narrated to me by a friend.

    @Ramesh - Most of the companies offered this facility. Now they are slowly taking it away!

    @Tomz - he he! I will check and revert. ;)

    @Aparna - I'm in the same boat! I pay my electricity bills and broadband bills from my pocket! That doesn't prevent me from shooting these through the roof. ;)

    @Jithu - :) This was not "that" big guy!

  8. I support the employees-they should be given the facility.

  9. @Arpana - Thanks for dropping by. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks the way you do!


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