Burger King, Pune for yummylicious burgers

Picture 131 The name “Burger King” is equated to the global chain of fast food restaurants. But in Pune, there is a shop which specializes in serving burgers to the locals which goes under the same name. As far as I know, they have outlets only in Pune. What will happen to them when the giant comes into the town? Will they be forced to change the name? This is a question to ponder. Like they say, what is in a name? Regarding Burger King(Pune version), I alter the sentence to say “What is in a name when you serve yummylicious burgers?”. Under the new name, they will still serve delicious burgers.

I was in their restaurant in Koregoan Park last Sunday. I ordered a Chicken Salami burger and a rose milk. You can get rose milk in other parts of India. But the burgers are a class of it’s own! My first tryst with burgers happened when I moved to Manipal to pursue a bachelors degree. It is in this sleepy little town that I took my first bite into a burger. In that sleepy little town, burgers are available in numerous shops with names ending with shack. To call these joints shack is sacrilegious! They do not resemble a shack in any way. Nevertheless, these names carried a rustic charm.

Picture 132 Burger King delivers burgers that reminds the ones that were served in Manipal “shacks”! They stand apart for two reasons – the mayonnaise and the patties. The mayonnaise is sin incarnated! It is so delicious that after the first bite, you forget about the calories and health hazards. Who wants to be a spoilsport when you are devouring pleasure? The patties are soft that it gets stuck to your palate! The bread, patty and the mayonnaise create an unique experience. The bread was also freshly baked. The smell reminded me of the bakeries in Kerala where the boys run around to replenish the rapidly depleting loaves of bread in the display with the fresh ones out of the oven.

Burger King reacquaints me with different slices of my younger years. So, Sunday was the Anton Ego moment for me!

See below for the exact location of Burger King, Pune.

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  1. y u dint give a call..d have joined u..hehe

  2. Enough water to start a cruise service in mouth.

  3. Sounds yummy enough to hire a chopper and land in Burger King Pune.

    And yeah, if the Global King knows there's a namesake, they'll chop the Pune King down (at least the name!).

    But like you said, what's in a name! They can always change the name and continue serving the delicious burgers, like always :)

  4. @Ramesh - :| Sorry... Will call you next time.

    @Harish - :D

    @sm - Thanks for dropping by.

    @RGB - It is well worth the chopper ride. :)

  5. I have a sneaky feeling that you got a free burger for the publicity on this blog. Am I right?

  6. you watch so many films, u visit so many places, and u eat so many burgers too..?

  7. @Radha - :) This is not a sponsored post! I have been a Burger King fan from 2006. :)

    @Tomz - :) Don't jinx it!


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