Cooking woes – A bachelor edition

A few years back, a friend was making sambhar. He was half way through when he realized one ingredient was missing. Unfortunately, it was the sambhar powder. Being resourceful, he did not abandon hope. He searched through what was in the kitchen and found a replacement for sambhar powder quickly. He chose tea masala instead of sambhar powder. He tried  serving his sambhar to others unsuccessfully. As he was naive and honest enough to announce the ingredients upfront, his roommates was turned off immediately.

Yesterday, the topic cooking came up during conversation with a friend. I shared the above story with my friend who is also a bachelor. On hearing this, my friend laughed heartily. When the laughter settled, he shared his experience. He and his roommates were moving into a new apartment. So the entire day was spent in moving their stuff. In the evening, they were too exhausted to go out for dinner. Since one of roommates had promised to cook, they forced him to deliver his commitment. As a result, the poor guy dumped all the  ingredients for the curry into the pressure cooker and initiated the cooking process. Being tired, he was careless. After a few whistles, the pressure cooker exploded!

At this point, my friend paused. Unsure of where it was leading to, I did not break the silence. I looked at him expectantly. So he continued, “The curry was splashed all over the wall. Luckily, none of us were in the kitchen”. I pitched in, “Bad experience…??”.

He said, “We were very hungry. That night, we ended up eating from the wall”.

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  1. Even if there was a fly on the wall? That's a WALL-E (extreme) kind of experience!!

  2. that was hilarious, the picture of those guys eating from the wall. Some years back when we used to cook, we had a kerosene stove for some time. My friend, instead of putting cooking oil poured kerosene into the bowl and had a very narrow escape from burning...

  3. When you are a bachelor, everything is crazy and everything is alright. For the hungama would automatically stop, once the wives arrived.

  4. @Sucharita - :) Good word play.

    @Harish - Oh man! That is scary!

    @Radha - :)

    @BKC - Silence is golden. :)

    @Rama - :)

  5. Don't tell me! Hunger can do that to people?


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