Don’t give me cash!

A mother always worry about her kids. No matter how grown up her kids are, she still is concerned. I was talking to one such mother yesterday. Her son is visiting Bengaluru as part of the school trip. When the son informed about the trip, the mother tried in vain to dissuade her son from this venture! The focus was on him staying away from home for 3 days in a strange city! The fact he will be in the company of his classmates and teachers were conveniently overlooked. With help from the dad, the son finally managed to go on the school trip.

The anxious and worried mother shared my phone number with her son and instructed him to call me in case of a need arises! Then, the topic meandered into money; pocket money to be specific. The mom and the son had a discussion on this! After all, Bengaluru is a big city and it is good place to shop! After long winding arguments, the mom forbid the son on “big” shopping and agreed on a sum that was mutually acceptable. The mom said, “I will give the money in cash just before you leave”.

“No”, said the son and then elaborated on how the cash should be handed over to the surprised mom. “Please get a debit card in my name and transfer the money to the card! I am not going to walk around with cash in hand!”.

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  1. I feel it was a very normal reaction from a mother.Any mother would have reacted similarly and that is what makes us so unique.

  2. Plastic money, huh? Wonder what else is coming my way, by the time my 'kids' grow up!

  3. mmm...a very short post with many serious problems raised..

  4. worry is the middle name of any mother in this world. but i feel this guy is capable to take care of himself.

  5. @BKC - Yes, it is a normal reaction from the mother! But, the kid asking for the ATM was not normal but smart!

    @RGB - Whatever it may be, there is potential for blog updates. :)

    @SAR - Yes, true!

    @Tomz - Thanks.

    @Harish - I agree with you! This guy can take care of himself! But his mother will be worried! Can't help it!

  6. Smart kid. As usual your blogs are short and crisp, I like it.


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